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Rules and Warnings

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Rules and Warnings

Post  tinkerirock on Fri Apr 01, 2011 12:42 pm

Here are the following rules you must abide to stay on our discussion forum. This is for everyone's safety and good use of this forum. People violating these rules will get a PM warning first, and if they still continue to violate the rules, they will instantly be banned.

-- Inappropriate behavior/posts/images
We don't allow anything posted or spoken of inappropriate actions, images, etc. You guys know what we mean by inappropriate, so let's keep the forum nice and clean. If you have any questions on this, see Kenzie, me (tinkerirock), or any Moderator. This includes swearing. We are OK with things like #%&%#!, as long as we can't identify which swear it is.

--Personal information
There is absolute no personal information sharing like addresses, phone numbers, pictures, etc. Why? We want to keep you safe and when you post personal information, anyone (and we mean ANYONE) can see it. It's better to keep certain info hidden.

There is no spamming on the forum or any part of Thalia's Pine! If you are caught, you will be issued a warning and your post will get deleted. If you continue, you will be banned and your post will still be deleted. --Double Posting There is no double posting on the forum. That means no posting a comment two times in a row. That is only allowed by moderators/admins. If you want to change your post, then edit it by clicking the edit button on the top left hand corner of the post.

--Off-topic posts
If there are off-topic posts, your post will be banned. Off-topic means posting a comment under a category that has nothing to do with the conversation. You can post another topic if you want to discuss another thing. This includes posting random comments. You can start a thread in the Lounge, where anything non-Percy Jackson things go. Topics and posts posted under the wrong categories will be deleted!

--Duplicating topics
There is no need to duplicate the same topic twice. We understand if its similar to another topic but is another thing completely.

EX.: Prophecy analyzing!
What will happen in the next series with the prophecy?

This is OK as long as you keep the two topics distinct.

Please try to keep a standard spelling in all of your posts. Abbreviations like 'ttyl' and 'brb' are OK, as long as they aren't abbreviating a whole sentence.

You are allowed to discuss religion and politics AS LONG AS you respect another person's opinion and you are not pressuring another person into a political party or religion. Guys, these things can get pretty bad, so lets just keep it fair and simple.

--Off-site links/ hidden links
Trying to post 'hidden links' on the site is not permitted. Any sign of a user posting a link that is hidden will be instantly banned. Hidden links are links that are disguised under text in maybe a post or PM.
Also, try avoiding posting off-site links UNLESS they are important and/or contribute to the site and users. Moderators will determine if the link is useful or not. If it isn't, you are going to have to take the link off the post. Links are OK in your profile, as long as they don't lead to anything inappropriate. Promoting other sites in links are okay in only user profiles.

If another user has another opinion, you can deny it with the right manner, but you have no right to get mad at them unless it violates the rules.

Moderators have the FINAL say on this forum. So do the Admins. Respect the Moderators, for we are only trying to keep this forum safe and fun. If you have any questions/comments/feedback, contact Kenzie, tinkerirock, or any moderators.

**We are looking for moderators to keep the forum safe and appropriate. Look at the main site under 'Jobs' for more details. The job name is originally Hall Monitor, but on the forum, you will be called a Moderator

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